El Molino
A quiet family environment
in which we enjoy with our seniors.
El Molino

El Molino is a Centre aimed at the elderly, both a Residence for twenty-five persons, and a Day Care Centre for eleven persons, a social and a health service to take care of people affected by different degrees of needs, promoting their autonomy and wellbeing.

The care of the elderly must embrace all their needs. It must take into account both their physical and their mental wellbeing. It must foster their integration in the family environment and in the community in which they live.

Living is to keep the capacity of enthusiasm, to feel the life that surrounds us and to be part of it. From my age I can experience life with knew knowledge but with the enthusiasm of my early life.
Vicente Aleixandre

El Molino has its services and a group of qualified professionals at your disposal to work for the elderly´s welfare.